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Fall 2018 Workshops & Series

Fall Equinox Class

108 Sun Salutations with Amie Gillingham.

$25 pop-up class (Members get 10% off)

7-9pm on Saturday
September 22nd
With Amie Gillingham

Teen/Tween Yoga

$55 non-member $50 member, pre-register only

Tweens and teens need yoga now more than ever. We live in a busy world and it’s hard for budding adults to find time to slow down their minds. Drop your teens and tweens off for an hour and they can learn skills that will help them clear their heads while also strengthening and stretching the body. We will teach them meditation techniques and yoga poses to help improve mental health, boost self confidence, use mindfulness and strengthening their bodies. The main goal of this series is to teach your child techniques to practice at home that will ease the stress of being a teen.

6-7pm on Saturdays 
October 6th, 13th, 20rd, and 27th
With Katelyn Metzler

Yoga and Vision Board Workshop

$40 non member $36 Member
Pre-registration only

Please join us for an inspiring vision board workshop- lead by Kalie Leksell. In this workshop, we will tap into our creativity and possibility to envision our ideal future. A vision boards acts as an illustrated reminder to who you are and what you represent – even helping us to build our own futures. Think of your vision board as a tool that will guide you along your life path. We will begin the workshop with a gentle seated flow to help our creative juices flow and then we will jump into creating our vision boards. Inspirational clippings and findings will be provided to help build your vision board. Please bring your own vision boards (cork board or anything else pictures and images can be placed on) any size will do but remember the larger the board the more space to fill. Vision boards are a work in progress so some might not be completed within the workshop but will start as a great starting point. You may also bring along any of your own pictures, or personal clippings to add to the board. Hope you can join us in creating your vision board to manifest your dreams!

5-7pm on Sunday 
October 7th
With Kalie Leksell

Chakra Flow Workshop

$40 non-member $36 Member
Pre-registration only

Activate and Meditate The 7 Chakra system.
Understanding the chakras gives us self-knowledge at every level of our being. Luckily for us, the chakras also map out the journey to fulfillment and enlightenment. Yoga is designed to use the energy of the chakras to accelerate that journey. We will use mindful meditation to discover the different Chakra energies and how they effect our mind, body, and spirit. We will be flowing through yoga poses that will activate the chakras and ignite your life force.  

5-7pm on Sunday
October 28th
With Lindsay Hirshberg

Self Empowerment and Tank Drum

$50 non-member $45 Member – Pre-registration only

Need a little confidence-boost or encouragement within your life? Join me at Moonglow Yoga for a gentle, but empowering flow class, Tank Drum Music Meditation + Self-Empowerment Strategies. I love helping others to step out in faith and make bold, faith-affirming decisions! Not only does this skill change your mind and attitude, but feeling empowered shows up very tangibly within your body, your voice, and your posture.

In this accessible and practical class, you will learn how to use yoga as a tool for building confidence, practice deeper self-awareness for negative self-talk, work to change your negative mantras and consider opportunities to take baby steps toward your most audacious dreams.

1-3pm on Saturday
November 3rd
With Rosslyn Light Kemerer

Registration opens soon…

Restorative Yoga 4 week Series

$55 non-member $50 Member
Pre-registration only, capped at 8 people

Time TBD
Date TBD
With Amie Gillingham

Registration opens soon…

Yoga 101 – Beginner Basics – 4 week series

$55 Pre-register by September 2nd
New to yoga? Want to learn more? Come see what yoga can do for you! Just about anyone can benefit from starting a yoga practice. We practice yoga to create flexibility, reduce stress, and improve our day-to-day lives. We’ll learn the fundamental yoga poses, breathing, alignment, class structure, and mix it in with some one-on-one adjusting, discussion, and have a little fun! This class will be open to discussions during our practice, so feel free to come with questions!
We’ll have this class in the warm room, to encourage flexibility within our muscles. Bring your mat, water, hand towel, and be ready to learn! 

5-6pm on Sundays 
September 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
With Katelyn Metzler

Registration closed 🙂