Find a class that fits your skill level and schedule, then book online. Walk-ins OK, but preregistration recommended for fuller classes.

WE ARE OPEN...! Things to know:

1) You must preregister and pay online. DO NOT SHOW UP TO CLASS UNLESS YOU ARE PRE-REGISTERED. You can register and check out online from on our website or the Mindbody app. Because of this, we are currently only offering our full price pass option (no student / senior / corporate discount for the time beißng).
2) If there are less than 3 people pre-registered an hour before class is scheduled to start, that class will be cancelled. Please make sure your contact information is up to date so we can let you know if that happens.
3) If you pre-register for class and don't show up without letting us know at least 2 hours in advance, you will lose that class from your pass. Unlimited members (including new student $14 for 14 intro offers) will be charged a $10 fee. There are no exceptions to this. We realize this seems extreme, but with such a limited schedule we have to do it. Please just let us know if you can't come so we can free up your spot for someone else, and hopefully this never actually has to happen.
4) If you're feeling unwell, stay home.
5) We will not be offering rental mats, blocks, towels, or any other props for now. Please plan accordingly, and bring your own mat, towel, and full water bottle.


An invigorating, dynamic, vinyasa flow linking movement with breath. Explore pose variations, movement and space within the body. Classes are heated to approximately 90-95°.


The Flow portion of class will focus on bringing movement and heat into the body, and the slower Yin portion will hold long into seated stretches, activating soft tissues and creating deeper release and longer lasting flexibility. Heated to approximately 80°


(Foundations – Easy to Moderate/WARM)
Explore the fundamental yoga poses, learn more about the connection of breath and flow, while you breathe, stretch and rejuvenate! The room is gently warmed (75-80°) to about to encourage flexibility within the muscles. A great place to start for those new to yoga!

Our All-levels class are geared towards the moderate level, but are adapted to the level of the students attending the class.


(Gentle/NO HEAT)
Incorporating the soft feel of the Gentle Stretch, this class starts with seated warm ups, lenghtening stretches, before moving into comfortable restorative-style poses. Restorative is a yoga of no strain and no pain, propping the body into comfortable positions in order to create comfort and easy release. Class ends with a guided meditation.


(Gentle/NO HEAT)
The soft movements and easy flow of our Gentle Yoga class focuses on elongating muscle groups, relaxation and breathing. Great for adults, seniors, or teens! The room may be warmed gently to a comfortable room temperature to encourage mobility and length in the body.