New prices & auto-renew starting Sep 1st

During our #backtoyoga grand reopening, we’re making some updates to our prices. Everything is listed on our pricing page, but here’s some explanation


“I just bought a pass and have 12 classes left, what happens on September 1st?”

Nothing, really! If you have classes left on your pass, don’t worry, they’re still good! Anything purchased up until September 1st will be honored just like normal. You can buy another class pass during September if you want one of the #backtoyoga swag bags, but otherwise no change.

Student, senior, and corporate partner pricing

…RATES DID NOT CHANGE! The same discounted prices are still available. There were some old/unadvertised prices that we formally discontinued, like the discounted 90 day unlimited.

  • How can I buy a discounted class pass?: Bring your ID to the studio, please! The discounted prices will be available in-studio only starting September 1st.
  • Can I set my discounted pass to auto-renew?: Yes!


Auto-renew FAQ

  • Auto-renew is now an option for all standard class passes & unlimited month.
  • Can I still do yoga at Moonglow without auto-renew?: YES absolutely! We added it as an option, but it’s definitely not a requirement.
  • So, why are you offering auto-renew?: It’s one less thing for both of us to worry about. You can show up to class, check-in, and roll out your mat without pulling out your wallet.
  • If I do auto-renew, can I cancel anytime?: Yes, absolutely. There are no strings attached here. There’s no ongoing contract on any standard auto-renew option, meaning you can turn it off at any time. There may be some exceptions, such as special flash promotions that include lots of incentives with some sort of commitment (like our #backtoyoga membership promo).
  • What are the membership incentives?: If you choose the Monthly Unlimited Yoga auto-renew (we consider this our membership), you’ll get additional member perks & discounts, like members only pricing on workshops, discounts on merchandise (including yoga mats), and special members only pop-up classes.
  • Does my 5/10/20 class pass expire?: Yes, after 24 months from your first visit (not your purchase date).
  • When will you charge my card?: If you choose to do auto-renew on a 5/10/20 class pass, they auto-renew either when you run out of classes or when they expire, whichever comes first. The Unlimited Yoga auto-renew happens monthly on whatever date you start.

  If you have any questions, please ask them! You can chat with Bethany right here.