Rosslyn Light Kemerer

I am thrilled to be a yoga instructor, graphic designer, nature-lover and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. When I found myself beginning to lose passion for my graphic design job, I turned to yoga as an escape. What I actually uncovered was invaluable physical benefits, profound emotional support and useful ways to incorporate mindfulness into my busy life.

The awareness that I cultivated through yoga helped me to heal chronic running injuries and return to running pain-free, with a brand new mindset.

Once I began to understand my body as a metaphor, I realized why I was always feeling so sore, burnt-out and irritable: I needed a big change.

Fast-forward to now, I left my desk job to support others with curious, entrepreneurial spirits who are feeling stuck and are ready for something different. I specialize in private sessions (online or in-person), combining yoga movement, philosophy, energy healing and life coaching techniques to help you improve your relationship with yourself. Please check out what I have to offer or feel free to shoot me an email! Together, we can create big changes and explore ways for you to live wholeheartedly.

Rosslyn’s Schedule